Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Reading Pocket

Reading is one of the most important ways to enrich your child’s education. There are so many ways you can fit reading in to your everyday routine, whilst making it fun and enjoyable for you and your child. Reading can so easily be built into your child's night time routine, and become a part of the day that they really look forward to. As parents we often find it tricky to balance reading time between the kids, especially if they go to bed around the same time. Some stories can work for many age groups, more often than not, children are at different stages of their literacy development and hold different interests when it comes to reading. I know with my own two boys, one likes fiction stories and the other enjoys non-fiction books. Trying to give the boys my full attention while reading to them without the other interrupting was becoming a battle some nights. I needed to put a routine in place for our bedtime reading. This is when I found the very talented Ana from Le PetitPrincess, with an amazing creative flair and equally passionate love of books for children and she created The Reading Pocket.

How Do I Use The Book Pocket

After we have eaten our dinner, both boys go to the book shelf and choose two books that they would like me to read to them that night. They then put their books into their book pocket at the side of their bed, before we head off for bath time. After bath time, we clean teeth, say prayers and then both boys hop in to their beds and look through their books. I generally read to Master 3 first, while Master 5 looks through his books and waits for me. I read three books each night to each child, two that they have chosen and one that I have chosen. The book I read is one that I have chosen that is developmentally age appropriate, and also may have a theme or social message I'm trying to work on with that particular child. The book I choose is one that the boys have never seen. When we visit our local library I always borrow books that I choose for specific teaching points e.g sharing, loss of a pet, floods, starting school etc 

These colourful Reading pockets from Le Petit Princess are just perfect for promoting a love of books and reading with your child. There is a fabric for everyone, boys and girls, with a novelty print in 100 % quilters cotton and a block colour in 100% Cotton drill. A 1/2 metre slack tucks under the mattress making it easy to remove when washing your child's linen. Your Reading Pocket can be made personalised with yur child's name on it.These are available by ordering from Ana,  for $20.