Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memory Tree

Traditions are an enormous part of Christmas celebrations in this country. What we eat, how we decorate, and how we handle our gift exchanges all define our family values and traditions. Some of these traditions last a lifetime, and are passed on to future generations.

Photos are part of our lives, they keep a register of many of our best moments of the life since we are born. An excellent way to share the photos with our loved ones is making photo Christmas ornaments with them. I have decided to make a photo memory tree displaying a photo of the children each year on Christmas morning. I hope to one day have a collection of these to give to the boys when they start having their own tree with their own family.(Or maybe I won't want to part with them and will keep them!)

Making a memory tree is easy and fun. I purchased this wooden tree and sprayed it with gold paint. The ornaments are made from
Memory Trees can also be used throughout the year and changed for different occasions and celebrations. I'm going to start using this tree as a Birthday Tree and display it on the day of the boy's birthdays with a decoration of them from past years.


  1. What a wonderful idea to treasure and remember each Christmas and birthday!

  2. Great idea!!! I think I might do something simular for my family =)

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.