Monday, April 18, 2011

Cracking Easter Cards

I wanted to make some Easter cards with the boys to attach to Easter Eggs that Master 4 will give to his teachers at kinder on Thursday. I use to love receiving homemade cards from the children that I taught, they were always made with such love. I cut out some egg and bunny templates from white card and the boys had a wonderful time making bubble prints on them.

Bubble prints are like fingerprints, except made with bubbles. You can make bubble prints and learn about how bubbles are shaped and how pigments combine to make different colours.

Bubble prints are made by colouring bubble solution, blowing bubbles, and pressing paper onto the bubbles. You need brightly-colored bubbles in order to get a good picture. Tempera paint powder works really well, but you can substitute other water-soluble paints if you like.

Make Coloured Bubble Solution Pour a little bubble solution onto the bottom of a cup. Stir in paint powder until you have a thick paint. You want the thickest paint you can get, yet still be able to make bubbles using it. If you get the three primary colours of tempera paint then you can mix them in order to make other colours. You can add black or white paint, too.

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