Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fireman Party

I'm sitting here looking at this photo from my baby's 2nd birthday party last year. I can't believe it's a year on and he is a year older, wiser and cheekier! lol I love celebrating my kids birthday's, and yes I'm a mum who likes to go all out. Why? Because it's what I like to do for my children. Together we spend the month prior to the party choosing a theme, shopping in discount stores for bits and pieces, talking about what you do to get ready for a party, and most importantly talking about their achievements over the past year and how proud we are of them. By achievements I obviously mean those relevant to the level of understanding. I've decided to share Master 2's Finley the Fire Engine Birthday Party with you as it was so much fun.

The birthday boy on the morning of his party with....a fire engine!!

(Sorry about the picture, for some reason I can't rotate it) Here is a picture of the party table all set up in the theme colours of red and yellow.

Now what is a birthday party without sprinkle bread. I always use a cookie cutter to match the theme, in this case a fire engine.

I found these cute biscuit toppers at the Eumundi Markets and just used a little bit of icing to attach them to a tea biscuit.

(Another pic I can't rotate!) I love using a picture from the theme of the party to personalise everything. Also by personalising the drink bottles, it saves children drinking from each others.

Personalised loot cups!

Each child had a personalised place mat that I just printed from my computer and laminated. We also had these super cute (and cheap) fireman hats for all the kids and parents to wear.

I love Pinatas. They can be used as a great centre piece on the party table before the battering begins! lol

Any excuse to laminate! Lol I printed off lots of signs relevant to the theme and placed them around the house where guests would be going.

I used cheap rolls of red and yellow crepe paper to hang as a fire effect. This is Master 2 with his special little friend who was born the day before him xx

I just love the look on their little faces when you bring the cake out.

As I'm sitting here looking through my photos from the past year of my baby boy and smile as I think about the love, joy and pure laughter that he has brought to our lives, I wonder what I did with my life before he became the centre of it! xx

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  1. That’s so sweet of you! I am sure this would have been a crazy party. It looks great to me. Even my daughter has bought so much happiness into our lives. I am planning to book one of the New York venues for her 10th birthday party this year.