Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keeping Those Special Memories

More and more new mums are realising the importance of storing all their baby's' special memories and recording their milestones in a baby keepsake box. As your child grows there will be many questions asked which, if you rely on your memory alone, you probably will not be able to remember. Keeping all our little one's precious things is so important, yet one of those things that we never seem to find the time to organise. If you're like me you have a great big box (yet to be personalised!) where I have put everything to date that is precious.... and that is it! I have a million ideas of what I would like to do, all of which are not realistic. I started off putting the normal things in the boy's Keepsake Boxes and have listed them below:

Baby's First Pair of Shoes - Cards - Hospital Bracelets - Baby Pictures - Birth Announcement - Medical Records - Baby's Birth Certificate - Christening/Baptism Certificate - Special Mementos - Footprints - Hand prints - Baby's First Bear - Baby's First Rattle- Copy of the newspaper on the day your baby was born - CD of the top of the singles chart on the day your baby was born- Immunisation Records - Cardboard height chart - Special family videos on DVD - Birth, Christmas, Birthday - Lock of his first hair cut - Dummy - Special Comfort Toy/rug/bunny etc

I'm also really into creating personal memories for the boys that I can add to over the years and then give to them when they are older.
  • As birthday's are a special milestone for our children I have decided to keep one birthday candle off their cake each year and am putting these in a container in their Keep Sake Boxes. On the boy's 18th Birthday I am going to have a Family Cake where I will bring out all 17 candles from the years gone by a place them on the cake. It will be such a treasured memory of wonderful birthday celebrations gone by to get to that point.

  • I also like the idea of creating a Christmas Memory Tree. Each year I have taken a photo of the boys on Christmas Day and had the photo made into a Tree Ornament Each Christmas I have a small Christmas Tree that I only hang the picture ornaments on. It is another wonderful way to celebrate and be thankful that we have all been together for another year.

  • I would love to do Scrap booking on a weekly basis but find I just don't have the time like most mum's. What time I do set aside to Scrapbook, I am making each of the boys a Birthday Scrapbook. I do a double page for each year and will keep doing this and give it to them on their 21st Birthday. I find on a double page I can capture the day well and create the memory. Throughout the year I keep a exercise book on the bench and am constantly jotting down (more like scribbling!) anything that the boys do that are funny, clever, cheeky (plenty of those in note book!) new skill learnt etc The night before their birthday i like to sit down and type up a page of their achievements throughout the past year and record the joy and love they have brought to our family. Each of these letters are attached to the scrap booking page, folded in an envelope. (I also keep a copy)

Like most mum's I'm trying to create traditions that will see my children have wonderful and happy memories of their childhood. I came across this Birthday Ring and have ordered one as I think it truly represents something special and hope that my boys will enjoy it.

The birthday ring, originating in Germany, is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor your child's early years. The traditional ring is wood with 12 holes around it.On your child's first birthday, you place a single candle and 11 of the painted pegs around the ring. Each year, you add a candle to the ring in place of a peg until your child's 12th birthday. (The remaining pegs can be placed in the center of the ring.) This can become a special tradition to look forward to as each birthday comes around.I think we will light the birthday ring on their actual "birth" day with just the immediate family to bring a sense of comfort and belonging to our children.

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