Monday, August 23, 2010

Father's Day

Why I Love My Daddy - Illustrated by Daniel Howarth is my favourite book to use with little ones leading up to Father's Day. Every one's daddy is the best. And who better to tell the world than children themselves? This charming book combines endearing things said by children about their fathers with gentle illustrations of familiar animals. The text is amusing and insightful, with reasons why daddies are loved by their children ranging from 'because he tickles me' to 'because he is my best friend'.

Father's Day celebration in Australia takes place in the same way as in several other countries around the world. Taking opportunity of the occasion to express gratitude for their dad and thank them for all their care and support. The greatest gift is one made with LOVE. All children take great pride in gifting a hand-made gift, to honour their dad. This year we are making our dad a puzzle that has been hand-painted with love. I bought blank puzzle templates from the discount shop and outlined the word DAD on it for the boys to paint. We then decorated a box and broke the puzzle into pieces for Daddy to put together on father's day! Then to finish our present off the boys hand printed paper to use as wrapping paper. So cute and made with SO much love x