Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musical Instruments to Make at Home

Children love music as much as they enjoy making things. Why not join these two creative forces and make one or all of these fun and easy musical instruments to encourage play and creativity.

Bean Shakers
What You Need:
Empty Plastic Bottle (small, medium or large, it's up to you)
Dried peas, beans or lentils

Clean out the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly.
Fill the bottle about 1/8 to 1/4 full with the peas, beans or lentils.
Place superglue around the threads of the bottle opening and quickly tighten the lid and allow the glue to dry before playing with the shaker.

What You Need:
Waxed Paper
Paper towel tube
Rubber bands

Cut the waxed paper to fit over one end of the paper towel tube.
Secure the paper with several rubber bands.
Poke a few holes in the waxed paper.
Hum into the unpapered end to make music.

What you need:
Large, cylindrical formula container
Craft knife
Tyvek (what no-rip envelopes are made of; available at your local post office or at office supply stores)
Duct Tape
Heavy-duty wrapping paper or one of your child's drawings

Remove the lid from a large, cylindrical formula container.
Cut out the bottom with a craft knife.
Cut a piece of Tyvek (what no-rip envelopes are made of; available at your local post office or at office supply stores) into a circle that's 4 inches wider than the mouth of the oatmeal carton. (For instance, if your container measures 5 inches across, the Tyvek should be 9 inches.) Don't worry about making the circle perfectly round; we traced the carton onto our envelope, then cut around it, keeping our scissors roughly 2 inches from that line.
To get it as taut as possible, adhere 2 pieces of tape directly opposite each other after pulling the Tyvek tight between them. Continue in the same way around the container, until all 8 strips are applied in pairs (you'll need to gather the material slightly as you go). Finally, cut one last, longer piece of tape and wrap it all the way around the edge of the Tyvek.

What you need:
2 paper plates
stapler or glue
hole punch
jingle bells

Staple or glue two paper plates together, facing each other. Using a hole punch, make holes around the plates and tie jingle bells to the holes with string. Decorate the tambourine with crayons. Shake to play.

Cactus Rain Stick

Fill an empty wrapping paper roll with rice and tape ends closed. Poke straight pins from one side through to the other up and down the roll and decorate. The pins are stuck into the cardboard randomly so that when the cylinder is turned upside down, the rice falls through bouncing off the straight pins, creating a rain stick sound.


What you need:
ruler or stick,washers,nail polish,string,mixing spoon

Instructions:Hang the washers from the ruler or stick with pieces of string by wrapping the string around the ruler or stick and securing. Strike the washers with the mixing spoon to play.
Note: You can make this craft colorful by painting the washers first with different color nail polishes, such as red, gold, glittery, etc. Parents should supervise this part of the activity closely.


What you need:
tall glasses or jars, water, mixing spoon

Fill the glasses or jars with different amounts of water. The more water in the glass, the lower the pitch will be. Having less water in the glass or jar will raise the pitch.
To play, gently strike the glasses with a mixing spoon.
Note: This instrument should probably be played by older children in "the band" because of the use of glass.


What you need:
empty shoe box,rubber bands,ruler or stick

Remove the cover from the box. Stretch the rubber bands around the box. Attach the ruler or stick to the back of the box on one end to act as the arm of the guitar.
To play, strum or pluck the rubber bands.


What you need:two matching pot covers yarn or ribbon

Tie the ribbon or yarn around the handles of the pot covers. To play, strike together..


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