Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Erupting Volcano

This would have to be one of the most enjoyable science experiments you can do with your kids!
Making a mock volcano is not a difficult task, but is very messy, because this volcano will actually erupt when mixing baking soda and vinegar together. Since this is a messy project, wearing old clothes is necessary as well as working on a pile of old newspapers. Working outside would be even better!

What do you need:
baking soda
food coloring
2 litre empty plastic drink bottle
baking pan
dish (Cheap throw away ones are the best)
warm water
  1. To make the volcano cone: Pour glue into the tray, making sure most of it is in the center. Glue the bottle in the center of the aluminum tray.

  2. Using your hands, cover the entire surface of the bottle with glue.

  3. Pour sand into the tray so your volcano looks like it’s on a beach. Be careful not to get sand inside the bottle.

  4. Use food coloring to make it look like it is on an island. You might want to add some water or glue to the sand, to make it stickier.

  5. When finished, let it dry for about an hour.

  6. To create lava: Add some red and yellow food coloring to your ½ cup of vinegar.

  7. Using a funnel, fill the bottle halfway through with warm water.

  8. Add a squirt or two of soap to your bottle.

  9. Slowly pour the vinegar into your cone.

  10. To make your volcano erupt: Place 2 teaspoons of baking soda onto a tissue.

  11. Twist up the tissue so it looks like a little pouch.

  12. Strap on your goggles to protect your eyes from the eruption.

  13. Drop the pouches into the volcano and watch it explode!

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