Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pop-Up Card

I remember being on a course last year about Children's Literacy and we were told, research finds children learn less from pop-up books than they do from old-fashioned volumes illustrated with photos.It is thought that while pop-up books “may have their place as entertainment,” their “bells and whistles” approach appears to be counterproductive to learning. “When attempting to convey information to young children,” they add, “less is more.” Well yes I can see their point from a learning aspect, but in our house we love pop-up books. I don't particularly have a lot of them on our shelf, but the few we do have my boys really enjoy. Maybe it is the novelty, a change, either way they still bring ooohs and ahhs as each new page pops up.

This week for Halloween I bought a fun pop-up book called Snappy Little Spooks. The boys really enjoyed it and we decided to have a go at making our own pop-up Jacko-lantern card. Even better, Master 4 came up with the plan to make a thank you Halloween card for his little Friends who are hosting a Halloween party we are attending on the weekend.

What you will need:

a square piece of black paper or cardboard

print out of a Jack-O-lantern


Marker pens



Cut out a square using black paper or cardboard. (cardboard is best!)

Print off a Jack-o-lantern template or draw your own.

Fold your square in to quarters.

Glue the jack-o-lantern onto the bottom half of the square. Draw a small rectangle from each side of the jack-o-lantern.

Fold on the vertical line that runs between the pumpkin.

Partially cut around the pumpkin so it will lift. Make sure you don't cut over the rectangle on each side.

Open so your card is flat.

Now fold the card on the horizontal line at the pumpkin. Make certain to let your pumpkin out!

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