Monday, December 27, 2010

Rainy Day Activities

With so much rain about it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained and you sane!! Below I have put together my Top 20 Rainy Day Activities for this week. Rainy days don't have to be dreary days. With a little bit of preparation on your behalf you and the kids can have great fun!
  1. Help your kids construct their own cubby or fort from blankets in the lounge room.

  2. Spend some quality time together playing a board game.

  3. Make some home-made musical instruments

  4. Make home-made sausage rolls for lunch.

  5. Visit your local library and search for some of my Top 100 great reads
  6. http://http//

  7. Have a "Junk Modelling" morning, then spend the afternoon painting your creation.

  8. Make an indoor obstacle course - put in other activities like, stop and do a puzzle, eat some morning tea..stretch it out as long as is suitable for the age of your child.

  9. Create an indoor sandpit using rice or pasta. Be sure to put in lots of different sized spoons, bowls and cups.

  10. Balloon Tennis - use fly swats as a bat and blown up balloons as a ball, then follow up with some fly swat painting.

  11. Make home-made play dough http://http//

  12. Cut out some shapes out of different coloured paper. Spread them out on the lounge floor and put on some dancing music. When the music stops get your child to stand behind a shape and they have to tell you the name and colour of the shape.

  13. Cut out magazine pictures and make a collage picture of a rainbow.

  14. Make and decorate paper planes or boats. Float the boats in the bath tub or sink. Have plane races and measure with string how far the planes fly.

  15. Visit the local Pet Shop.

  16. Sit with your child and do some drawing together.http://http//

  17. Visit Bunnings and spend time looking at the seeds and identifying all the fruit and vegetables. Purchase a small pot and come home and paint it, then plant your seeds!http://http//

  18. Make home-made ice-cream.http://http//

  19. Get creative and do some painting.http://http//

  20. Try some of my spectacular science activities.http://http//

  21. Bake some home-made bread in the morning for your lunch.http://http//

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