Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank you Calendar

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter,caring deeds, wonderful stories and Love."

The ability to Love, shower affection, and willingness to help and comfort their grand children has made grandparents indispensable. There can be no gainsaying the fact that their role is as important as the role of parents. Their timeless experience, their patience and their ability to create a non-compulsive learning environment is something that even parents have learnt to rely on. The role of grandparents in bringing up children is more important than ever.

One important thing, which seems to be missing in the lives of many children today, is the sense of family values and principles. This is where the grandparents step in. Inculcating beliefs and values is not as easy as it was 50-60 years ago. No questions were asked and there was an implicit sense of belief. With changing times and changing outlooks, children have started to question the authenticity of everything. They do not believe until they are convinced. Globalization has eroded the sense of belonging and identity with their roots, and science and technology has them questioning everything. The parents who are already fighting constantly with time are perhaps not in a position to inculcate these values. Children are very demanding, and grandparents without appearing to be pushy have all the time and experience to deal with tantrums. They appease, soothe, and impart values with tremendous ease.

My boys are very lucky to have two sets of Grandparents who are very much a part of their lives and their upbringing. At Christmas time I like the kids to really think about giving thanks and saying thanks for the unconditional love and support they receive from their Grandparents throughout the year. This year Master 4 has made a Calendar for his Grandparents for 2011. I asked him to draw a special picture for them and then together we talked about why they are so special to him. I then typed up the sentences and we placed them around the Calendar. It's actually really touching to listen to the things that a 4 year old values from his Grandparents. The thing that struck me the most is how all the things mentioned involved time, which reminds me once again.... CHILDREN NEED OUR PRESENCE NOT PRESENTS.

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