Sunday, February 6, 2011

Australian Themed Books For Kids

  1. Possum Magic By Mem Fox

  2. Wombat Divine By Mem Fox

  3. Koala Lou By Mem Fox

  4. Never Smile at a Crocodile By Jack Lawrence

  5. The Wheels on the Ute Go Round and Round By Loraine Harrison

  6. Possum Tale By Lucienne Noontil

  7. Out in the Bush By Yvonne Morrison

  8. Baby Wombat's Week By Jackie French

  9. Blossom Possum: The Sky is Falling Down-Under By Gina Newton

  10. Possum and Wattle By Bronwyn Bancroft

  11. Diary of a Wombat By Jackie French

  12. Edward the Emu By Sheena Knowles

  13. Australia ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Australia (Country Abcs)By Sarah Heiman

  14. The Biggest Frog in Australia by Susan L. Roth

  15. Hunwick's Egg by Mem Fox

  16. Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo by Alison Lester

  17. The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest By Lynne Cherry

  18. Tiddalick: The Frog Who Caused a Flood By Robert Roennfeldt

  19. A Year on Our Farm By Penny Matthews & Andrew Mclean

  20. The Cocky Who Cried Dingo By Yvonne Morrison & Heath Makenzie

  21. Australia At The beach By Max Fatchen & Tom Jellett

  22. Goldilocks and the Three Koalas By Kel Richards

  23. How the Birds got their Colours story told by Mary Albert of the Bardi People to Aboriginal children living in Broome, Western Australia.

  24. Echidna and the Shade Tree story is compiled by Pamela Lofts based on a telling by Mona Green of the Jaru people to students in Halls Creek, Western Australia

  25. How the Kangaroo Got Tails story told by George Mung Mung Lirrmiyarri, of the Kija people, to Aboriginal children living in Warmun (Turkey Creek), Western Australia.

  26. Magic Boomerang by Frane Lessac and Mark Greenwood

  27. W is for Wombat My First Australian Word Book by Bronwyn Bancroft

  28. A Home for Bilby By Joanned Crawford

  29. Anzac Day Parade By Glenda Kane

  30. Josephine Wants to Dance By Jackie French

  31. Imagine By Alison Lester

  32. I Love It When You Smile by Sam Mcbratney

  33. And Kangaroo Played His Didgeridoo By Nigel Gray

  34. Father Koala's Nursery Rhymes By Kel Richards

  35. One Woolly Wombat By Kerry Argent

  36. Santa Koala By Colin Buchanan

  37. Snug as a Hug: An Australian Lullaby By Marcia Vaughan

  38. The Bush Concert By Helga Visser

  39. There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie By P Crumble

  40. Wombat Stew By Marcia Vaughan

  41. Roos in Shoes by Tom Keneally

  42. The Golden Kangaroo by Garrison Valentine

  43. Sailaway. The Ballad of Skip & Nell by Mem Fox

  44. Are We There yet? by Alison Lester

  45. Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen

  46. Emily and The Big Bad Bunyip by Jackie French

  47. Where the Forest meets the Sea By Jeannie Baker

  48. Sebastian lives in a Hat By Thelma Catterwell

  49. Magic Beach By Alison Lester

  50. Greetings from Sandy Beach By Bob Graham