Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elmer The Elephant

Master 2 has a real fascination with animals, all animals in fact. So whenever I bring out a story to read that has an animal character in it, there are no limits in where I can take the learning to with him. A recent visit to the zoo and feeding of the elephants has sparked an interest in them, in particular the way they use their trunk to take the fruit from his hands. After reading our story he was very keen to help me put together a dress-up costume so we could re-enact the story together!

(So sorry but for some reason I can't turn this photo!)

The story of Elmer the Elephant is a comical fable that celebrates individuality and the power of laughter. This happy elephant brings hours of joy and laughter to our bedtime reading sessions. As Elmer is a patchwork elephant it is a great book to use when looking at colours and shapes, in particular squares. I'm having a bit of a shape week for Master 2, so I decided to do some fun craft with him after sharing the book together over morning tea. It is a very simple craft activity that only needs an outline of Elmer, coloured paper cut into squares and glue. It is a cute little activity that allows you time to sit and talk about colours and ask "What colour patch are you gluing on now?" It will give you an indication of what colours your little one is confident with and which ones you need to still work on.

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  1. I LOVE Elmer :) ...and so do the kids in my classroom! Great idea!