Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Father's Day Card

Every year I like my children to make a hand-made Father's Day card with love. This year was lots of fun as Master 5 was full of suggestions and able to complete the majority of the card on his own which he is very proud of, and I know Daddy will be too!

I started by giving Master 5 a blank piece of paper with a frame drawn in the middle where the photo/hand drawn picture will go. Confidently able to spell DAD Master 5 set off on a scavenger hunt through my old magazines to find the letters to make DAD. He then placed the letters around the frame with a little glue.

I had initially suggested printing off a photo of Master 5 and his Daddy to put in the frame, but Master 5 was adamant he wanted to draw him and his Dad going to the park together. If your child is not yet drawing you could place a picture here, trace/paint their hand print/get them to finger paint/paint on another sheet of paper then cut it to size.

If your child is able to write their own message on the back it is always really special. If not you can write it for them, or perhaps even find a nice poem to print out and past on the back. Make sure you put the year on the card!

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