Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's A Rainbow

On the weekend the boys were invited to a close friend's 3rd birthday party. As I have said in past blogs, June and July equates to a party each weekend as all our close family friend's have too had children born in June and July! When it came to Miss A's 3rd birthday my friend was a bit unsure how to theme her party. Miss A had really moved away from her Bindi the Jungle Girl and Dora phase. Finally a rainbow theme was decided upon, and what a colourful and fun time we all had. It was such a happy theme and so well suited to Miss A's happy-go-lucky-bright personality that we all love.

The rainbow table was just gorgeous. A table decorated with every colour of the rainbow.

The kids had so much fun decorating plain maree biscuits with different coloured icing and smarties.

I loved the party favour the boys received. Each child was given a big bubble wand with a rainbow cookie attached.

The inside of the party room was decorated with cut up crepe paper in the colours of the rainbow.

I loved these cute rainbow balloons that sat on the party table.

These jellies looked so cute on the table and the kids loved them.

Lots of rainbow coloured food...

Rainbow sprinkles on star shaped bread, rainbow musk sticks and rainbow lollie cake was on offer.

Somewhere over the Rainbow..... Miss A turned 3! Check out the cute rainbow dresses Miss A and her big sister wore to the party.

The kids could have a rainbow put on their cheeks which was very cute in keeping with the theme.

Oh look at that face.... what little girl wouldn't be smiling with a Rainbow Cake that looked like that!

This was such an amazing cake made by another very clever friend. The Rainbow, the clouds (fairy floss) and the gold coins looked amazing.

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