Sunday, September 11, 2011

Polly Want A Cracker?

Last week Master 3 picked up this library book on our weekly visit and asked me to read it to him this morning. It is a lovely book, and gave us the chance to talk about the many different types of birds we know and see on a regular basis. There has been the ongoing topic of swooping magpies in our house since being attacked while out riding a couple of weeks ago. The boys and I had a good look at pictures of parrots on the Internet. I like to use the Internet with them occasionally, particularly for a simple task like searching Google Images for a particular picture.

We decided to look through the craft box and see if we still had a collection of coloured feathers and make a parrot.

This is a very simple yet effective craft activity that both the boys really enjoyed. All you need is some paint, PVA glu and coloured feathers from the discount store.

The boys painted a parrot. I left Master 5 to paint his own, however did draw a rough outline for Master  3 to guide him.

Then I gave them both some coloured feathers and PVA glue and left them to decorate the parrot.

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