Monday, September 12, 2011

Stick Patterns

I'm working on developing Master 3's mathematical vocabulary at the moment and finding he is loving it. Maths activities are so much fun with little one's as they are all hands-on and quick and easy to put together. This week we have been looking at making two-coloured patterns.

You can use just about anything around the house to do this little activity, I love colored match sticks. You can pick these up from any discount store.

Master 3 happily made three different patterns using his sticks. Get your little one to say their pattern out loud as this helps them to understand the repeating factor involved.

Then I gave him a piece of black card and some PVA glue and he happily made these stick patterns.


  1. I love making patterns with all kinds of things too!

  2. Perfect timing! One of the Hooligan's Mom's (a teacher) just gave me a shoe box full of these coloured sticks last week!