Friday, January 21, 2011

Edward The Emu

I like the days leading up to celebrating Australia Day as it is the perfect opportunity to read some great books about Australian animals. Two of our favourite books are, Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu both written by Sheena Knowles & Rod Clement.

Tired of being just an Emu, Edward decides to try being like other animals at the zoo. He wants to be noticed and in his quest for attention, Edward imitates many other animals. He soon discovers that being himself is the best animal of all. This book allows for lots of fun learning that you can do with your little one.

  • Discuss the animals’ enclosures as
    Edward visits them all.

  • What shapes can you find in the book?
    Circles for eyes, diamond teeth. Draw the
    shapes. How many objects in your
    classroom are also these shapes?

  • Symmetry: Look at the patterns on the
    snake’s skin

  • Make some snakes with play dough, great for fine motor skills.

  • How many animals were involved in this quest of Edward’s?
    Talk about: ‘next morning’, ‘today’, ‘that night’. Also talk about the times used in the book
    e.g. ‘morning at nine’

  • Edward is a unique creature to look at. Facts like emus can’t fly, they have very
    strong legs, make funny grunting noises and can run very fast.

What's the perfect job for an emu? The wonderful sequel to Edward the Emu is Edwina the Emu. Now, we all know what happened after Edward met his mate Edwina, little emus of course! But with a completely modern challenge for their mother, hilarity is bound to happen as Edwina goes job searching while Edward stays on the nest.

Make this super cute emu using a paper plate, pipe cleaners and bits of any brown paper or material that you have in your craft box!

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