Monday, January 10, 2011

String Painting

With all the storms about I have been talking to the boy's about why we are having so much
rain and why we have lightning and thunder. Today we were talking about the lightening we had seen in the sky the other night and how there were lots of different colours. I decided to do get the boys to do some string painting to make a "lightning" picture.

Put some paint in old meat trays or paper plates and give your child a piece of string. Give your little one as big a piece of paper that you can find to paint on. Show your little one how to take the string and streak it or twirl it around on their page. Once the colour is done give your little one the next colour, this will prevent him from mixing all the colours and ending up with a brown page.

Paint splattering activities like this are so much fun and great for the development of your child's senses. By playing with paint, touching it and learning its texture your child is developing the tiny muscles and also creativity, imagination, hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

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  1. String painting is always a big hit at preschool. I am enjoying your blog :)