Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fears that boys arn't ready for Prep. Is five too soon to start school?

PARENTS are delaying boys from starting Prep because of concerns they are not emotionally or socially ready for life outside the family home.

This is a very interesting article as it is a question I have been asked many times throughout my years of teaching Prep. I now find myself in this situation as my son's birthday is June 11th and the cut off date for starting school in Queensland is June 30th. So what decision have I made?

I have decided to delay my son from starting school as he would only be 4 1/2 for the first 6 months of school, and would be in a class where some children would turn 6. After teaching in the UK for 8 years pupils are extremely early starters in the classroom and I did not want this pressure on my boys at such a young age.
There is never a rush for children to start school. I think each child's situation and development differs and parents can always discuss concerns or ask for advise from their kinder teacher before making the decision.

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