Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where the Strawberries Are a Smash!

This time of the year I enjoy nothing better than watching the tennis at Wimbledon in London. A past time favourite of mine when I lived there saw me join the thousands of tennis lovers chow down on the event's signature snack: strawberries and cream. Last year the official Wimbledon food vendor, sold 2 million berries, and 1,820 gallons of cream! (Mmm can taste them now!)
Like any young kids my boys love balls and the opportunity to roll (or should I say throw) them at any time - even better when they are covered in paint!

I love this activity of rolling tennis balls in different coloured paint and rolling it to a partner. The children were squealing with delight as they rolled it to their friend and saw the patterns it left behind. Once the children had rolled a few colours it brought about talk of the colours mixing together to make new colours. It was also a great hand-eye activity requiring them to stop the ball before it landed on the floor! (well in most cases!!) The finished products looked amazing and I'm definitely going to display this somewhere for all to see.

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