Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking for a Life Chaging Approach to Motherhood?

I have just finished reading You Sexy Mother By Jodie Hedley-Ward.If you only manage to read one book this year it must be this one.Wow it certainly redefines what it means to be a mum today! One who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life that has meaning and value. You Sexy Mother is a book of transformation - It invites you to look at your role as mother in new and empowering ways, and encourages you to gain more from the experience of motherhood. The author documents her own journey through her personal diary entries, but also incorporates inspirational stories of transformation from other women she has met. This is a great read and a book that many of us mother's can certainly relate to. Grab a glass of wine, hit the sofa and you'll be like me, unable to put the book down!

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