Monday, June 28, 2010

Tap into your kids creativity with number dancing!

I'm a true believer that all children learn differently and it's important that we as parents tap into how our child learns best. Master 4 is very much like myself and shows a love of all things Arts !(dance, drama, music, creative arts) Learning his alphabet was easy for him as the approach I took was to teach it through song, dance and actions that represented each letter character. Thankfully he has a Kinder teacher who is exceptionally talented in teaching the Early Years program through dance, drama, music and creative arts too. Master 4 shows a keen interest in numbers since beginning Kinder this year. Once children secure what numbers look like and can confidently recognise there is so much opportunity to begin to develop maths vocabulary. I came across this Numbers Dance mat in Aldi last week and have to say we have not stopped playing it since. The mat really focuses on Gross Motor Skills, Improves co-ordination and encourages number recognition. We also turn the challenges off and I have introduced the language of... before and after...

e.g stand on the number before 4

stand on the number after 8

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