Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Spy with my Little Eye...

Eye Spy books are a favourite in our house, so it seemed like a great idea for us to make I Spy Bottles! You can make various themed bottles depending on where your child is at.

Colour Bottle

My 2 year old is learning his colours so making an Eye Spy bottle with him was great fun. Just collect anything you have in your craft box that is bright and colourful.Put the colourful things into a plastic 1.25Lt empty drink bottle. (Wash out and let dry first) Spoon in rice through a funnel (great for fine motor skills) Don't worry about naming objects you have used just focus on colour names. Once your child has named a colour get them to roll the bottle before they tell you another.

Alphabet Bottle

My 4 year old is at Kinder and learning to recognise his letters and the sounds they make. So I decided to make a more challenging I Spy bottle for him. As his Kinder is using the Letterland Phonics based Reading Program I copied my magnets, laminated them and cut them up. Roll the I Spy bottle and identify a letter you can see and say the sound it makes....

Other suggestion for I Spy Bottles could be:

  • Shape Bottles

  • Number Bottles

  • You could make a bottle that has laminated pictures from a story you have read, children identify main characters in the story.

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