Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's A Rainbow..

What makes a rainbow? Rainbow activities are a wonderful way to teach colours. I have blogged about some of the activities and books I have been using with Master 2 whilst teaching him his colours.

What fun we had in the ribbon section at Spotlight looking for the colours of the Rainbow inspired by reading our book. As you sing the song below get your child to hold the ring and pull out the colour ribbon that the song suggests - they will love it!

Take a little bit of red (echo),

And a little bit of orange (echo),

Add a stripe of yellow (echo),

And a stripe of green (echo),

A little bit of blue (echo),

A bit of indigo (echo),

Don’t forget the violet (echo),

Then what do you know? (echo),

It’s a rainbow (echo),It’s a rainbow (echo).

A little bit of rain,A little bit of sun,When they come togetherThey make rainbow fun.It’s a rainbow (echo),

A wonderful, wonderful,Magical, magical,Colourful, colourful,Shining rainbow (echo).

This game develops colour and symbol recognition and fine motor skills. I love this game and find I can do so much with it for both my 2 year old and 4 year old.

Coloured Pasta

  • Buy a selection of pasta and put it in zip lock bags

  • Add about a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to each bag of pasta and several drops of food coloring desired to each bag depending on how much pasta you are looking to dye. Make sure the bag is securely closed and shake so that the coloring and alcohol sufficiently cover all of your macaroni.

  • Then dry them on paper plates or wax paper over night.Food colouring can stain, so be careful. You’ll want it completely dry before you start to work with it again, as you don’t want any colour to drip. I put mine out in the sun to dry faster.

  • When the pasta is dry you will have a beautiful variety of beads to make awesome jewelry. Or you can use the pasta for other arts and crafts. You can even just fill a clear jar with the colorful gems and use as a vase for dry flowers. Coloured pasta shells are great for this!

  • Have your child string on pasta, all sizes and shapes. You can introduce patterns or do counting with your child.

  • The perfect necklace for mum!

  • Use various pasta shapes/colours to create a picture.

  • Put all the coloured pasta into your water/sand tray baby bath and let them enjoy this sensory activitiy.

  • Sort the pasta into colours in the muffin tin!

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