Monday, June 28, 2010

Making A Rainbow from Your Milk...

We made rainbows today. This is a great activity to do with the kids, helping them to see that when colors are mixed, they make something new.

What you need:
Milk or water – If you don’t feel comfortable drinking milk with food coloring, you can use milk that’s past it’s date OR you can use water for this too. I just like how the milk makes the colors show up so bright. Food coloring – red, yellow, blue clear drinking glasses stir stick We lined up our glasses in a row, making it easy to see all the colors in the order of a rainbow. Then we poured our milk into each glass, about half way full. I then started by putting one drop of food coloring into the cups.
  1. We did the red first (which made pink, but I only wanted to use one drop of color, you could use more).
  2. Then we skipped one glass and did the yellow next. We went back to the one in the middle and dropped in one red and one yellow drop of food coloring. Using our stir stick, we mixed them together. We now had Orange!
  3. Then we continued on down the line. Yellow and blue for green...
  4. ... blue and red for purple.
  5. Once you see your rainbow, show the kids what would happen if you mixed all the colors together and Brown milk will appear.

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